Ohio, part two: Christmas tree farm

Speaking of hosts and guests...
We chopped down a Christmas tree while I was at my Hannah's over Thanksgiving. Kind of. It's more of a sawing deal (NO axe; who would have guessed?), and I'm afraid I didn't contribute much muscle power, so that we is maybe not the right pronoun.


Anonymous 12/14/2010 8:05 PM  

Hobbits? Never heard of a Hobbit before. Sounds like Orc mischief to me. They come with fire, they come with axes. Gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning. Destroyers and usurpers. Curse them!

Heidi 12/14/2010 8:14 PM  

Hallo! Wie geht es dir? Ich studiere Deutsch auch, aber mein Deutsch ist noch recht schlecht. Und ich brauche jetzt schlafen.

Ah, yes, I'm much more limited in the things I can say in German, since I've only been studying it for one semester. But I love it! I'm excited that I found not only a fellow student of German but a generally fascinating person. :)

Q 12/14/2010 9:06 PM  

Our Christmas tree is a live star pine in a pot that we keep year-round and decorate with very light ornaments at Christmas.

Holly 12/14/2010 9:39 PM  

Anonymous (*coughNikki*) - WELL quoted. Still laughing about you being attacked by one of these.

Heidi - Hey, cool! Ja, Deutsch ist die Sprache meiner Seele...oder so etwas. Hehe. Hast du vor, in Deutschland zu studieren?

Q - What a pretty name for a tree. I expect I'll do that when I have my own place. Maybe not a proper evergreen, but eh.

Jenica 12/15/2010 6:30 AM  

Fun! I really like the middling pictures of the branches.
(Our Christmas tree is plastic...*sad face* but we make up for that by loading every branch with silver garland and lights and roughly fifty years worth of ornaments.)

Heidi 12/15/2010 8:43 AM  

Nein... ich möchte in Deutschland studieren, aber ich muss mit dort später reisen glücklich sein. (I hope that makes sense). Ich möchte eines Tages die Silvester Feier sehen. Meine Professorin sagt sie ist sehr schön!

geekspawn 12/15/2010 1:36 PM  

"we" went and chopped down a live tree for the first time this year... it ended up being a *bit* taller than our permit for a 10 foot tree allowed (we found out it was about eighteen feet tall when we got home and couldn't fit it in our house) but it's SO pretty... our fake tree is hideous, and this one is just beautiful with our handmade ornaments and little white lights... <3

Holly 12/15/2010 2:58 PM  

Jenica - I wandered into a thicket for those and came out with needles all over me :] Lights make up for everything, even cinderblock walls.

Heidi - Nicht ganz. Noch mal nach dem "aber"?

geekspawn - Eighteen feet! You guys are nuts. I didn't even remember your ceilings being that high. How'd you end up getting it in?

Shelley 12/15/2010 3:34 PM  

"We" is the right pronoun!

You were important for moral support.

Priya 12/15/2010 7:07 PM  

These are gorgeous photos! I love the first, third, and fourth the most.

Holly 12/15/2010 8:35 PM  

Shelley - I DID give it a try...so a few inches of contribution. And making everyone else feel stronger by comparison? Haha.

Priya - Thank you! I think those are my favorites too.

Heidi 12/16/2010 8:16 AM  

... aber ich will nach Uni zu Deutschland hoffentlich reisen...?

Holly 12/16/2010 8:39 AM  

Heidi - Ah, nach dem Studium. Verstanden. :)

geekspawn 12/16/2010 8:56 PM  

they're ten foot ceilings... we cut off about five feet while we were in the woods, and then got in and found it three feet too tall. We just sawed a bunch more off :P

Holly 12/19/2010 12:48 AM  

geekspawn - Haha, your family...

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