A San Francisco panorama

I gave you a view from this same spot almost exactly two years ago.


Julia 12/23/2010 8:09 PM  

the sky is like a painting. so gorgeous.

Danielle 12/23/2010 8:30 PM  

second from the last is yummy.

Shana Lyse 12/23/2010 9:46 PM  


aipingplum 12/23/2010 9:56 PM  

wow, this is breath taking. this is why i LOVE film! just such a different feel, yah? great work!

Holly 12/23/2010 11:28 PM  

Julia, Danielle, Shana( )Lyse, Steph - I am glad you enjoy the view too, my friends, even minus the breeze.

Leonie 12/24/2010 12:33 AM  

I love the way the light makes the buildings shine

Lena 12/24/2010 12:46 AM  

Wonderful. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco. I'm thinking about doing it in September.

geekspawn 12/24/2010 1:08 AM  

love the third one especially. i want to go there. <3

Shelley 12/24/2010 10:19 AM  

Just had to drop by this special blog to say Merry Christmas. I'm about to fly, and your pictures of clouds make it seem less intimidating!

Holly 12/24/2010 2:40 PM  

Leonie - I am such a sucker for moody light. Thank you.

Lena - Ohh yes you must sometime. You will love it. (And tell me when you do.)

geekspawn - please do come. and grab Miss Erin on the way!

Shelley - And to you as well! I hope your flight was smooth and maybe even relaxing.

her ghosts. 12/27/2010 4:01 AM  

hello holly, i`m glad you found your way to my photos. this view is beautiful.

Holly 12/27/2010 10:51 PM  

dear she of the ghosts, I came your way via a link from martin (the cat). it is one of my favorites.

Erin 1/02/2011 12:12 PM  

these are breathtaking, ahhh!

Holly 1/02/2011 2:19 PM  

Erin - the clouds made it that day; I hurried there before dusk began to fall because I knew I couldn't wait to come back another day.

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