A still November day

The air felt pleasingly moist, and I saw no one else.


Erin 12/12/2010 12:20 PM  

I see a masked face in the lower branches of the last photo.

Holly 12/12/2010 1:14 PM  

Erin - I'm looking for it. Which tree, the close one or the far one?

Jenica 12/13/2010 5:40 PM  

I see it too! At least I suppose it's the same one...made up of the clump of leaves on the close tree.

Holly 12/13/2010 6:21 PM  

Jenica - the bird-like face? yesss

Cheray 12/18/2010 4:51 PM  

I love days like this

Holly 12/19/2010 12:58 AM  

Cheray - me too. there was really nothing else for it but to go for a camera wander.

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