Things that are making me happy [post-finals edition]

• late-night snow frolics with my neighbor when we were in need of study breaks

• also file under that category: episodes of Xena

• academic articles about things that I truly want to know more about

• financial support in blogging (see the update)

• new friendships and the opportunity to begin afresh

MentorCONNECT podcasts

• hugs

• sleeping under the weight and warmth of many blankets

The Secret of Kells and its soundtrack

• dancing in elevators

• keyboard shortcuts

• the word "numinous"

• facial masks while I typed my papers. to destress my skin and to keep my stressed hands off it!


red-handed 12/23/2010 9:35 AM  

Numinous is a pretty great word. So is luminous.

Holly 12/23/2010 8:08 PM  

red-handed - numinous kinda means luminous to me, subconsciously. just because of the orthographic resemblance. it's unfair, but there you are.

Jenica 12/24/2010 10:54 AM  

There's nothing like a warm, firm hug. Hugs are my favorite.

Holly 12/24/2010 2:36 PM  

Jenica - one point on which it is so important to have friends who are of the same opinion! hehe.

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