What I need: [SAVE THE FOTOS Campaign]

Help paying for a renewal on my flickr pro account, which is about to expire.

It's $24.95, and it is the one unavoidable expense of blogging for me. Custom domain? Nice, but not necessary. Film and developing? Well, I can abstain from shooting film when funds get really low. (Or groceries. One of those.) But continued hosting for 1500+ fotos on this blog? Necessary. Definitely necessary.

So if you can spare a few dollars towards that, I would be so very grateful. It's not exactly up there with impoverished children, but it'll allow me to keep sharing photos with you AND buying groceries in the coming year. Woohoo!

[moolah button]


UPDATE: The photos have been saved! Thank you, Erin, Poppy, and Martin. Words cannot express my relief and appreciation.


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