An honesty rehearsal

Could you say what you need to? Or write it?

Not on an anonymous postcard, but to the person who needs to know it? For the sake of fixing as well as just for the sake of saying?

How can you know unless you do it?

And if you know you need it, do you believe me when I say that nothing here is worth your silence?


You remember before when we emailed and traded truths. Some of you said really serious things. In return I gave you some of my own more vulnerable truths, serious or maybe kind of stupid, and it was a privilege for me.

I'd like to open that forum up again. But a little differently.

This time, email me if you know you need to tell your truth to someone besides me. Not just someone who can listen, but someone who can help fix.

You know what it is, probably the first thing you think of / perhaps you've been writing about it to yourself for months or put it in an anonymous confession form once. That heavy thing you are tired of being alone with, that grudge you don't want to carry any longer, a fear that is diminishing you with its presence, even if you don't know yet exactly who to tell, or how—

Determine to yourself that your honesty must be told. Then write to me, share however much or little of it with me as you want / I will hold it for you for a short while, and that can be your rehearsal—and then I will wait with you as you let it fly. Courage; we are courageous together. Let's claim some peace.


Gabi Dickinson 1/19/2011 1:51 AM  

I am excited and hopeful for the freedom your invitation will bring to hearts all over this world.

Holly 1/19/2011 10:20 PM  

Gabi - I had one of those intuitions and I shrugged at it and said, Sounds good. <3

Michaela Brown 1/20/2011 11:38 AM  


I realized (have realized for a while now!) that you are always commenting such wonderful thoughtful responses on my blog, and I have never reciprocated. so today I came to find out more about you. I was so surprised! we have so much in common.

list for starters:
1. i am also 21 (unless, of course, your about me is dated :)
2. i also study at a liberal arts college, though a very large one
3. my major is public health, but i considered anthropology and it has always interested me.
4. i love all citrus.
5. i love discovering art, and living as an art, and erasing the lines between the two
6. "Minimalism, poetry, the social sciences, and embodiment captivate me. I'm a Christian."
7. i do eat meat, but i am eating drastically less of it and currently exploring vegetarianism
8. i have a pet rat too! i adore him. he is a wild rat - i saved him from my back yard last september when he was 4wks old and dying of hunger, nursed him back to life, and tamed him. he is currently running around my floor as i type this, and i am sharing my chips and sandwich with him.


Michaela Brown 1/20/2011 11:39 AM  

(also known as one part gypsy :)

Jenica 1/20/2011 11:45 AM  

Holly, this is a really beautiful project! *trying to think of truths so I can join*. Hah. Well, I can't think of any right now...But the idea is lovely, and as Gabi said, freeing.
(p.s. Oh hi Michaela!)

Holly 1/21/2011 1:45 PM  

Michaela (of course I recognize you :) - I am still 21 until April, nods. I thought of you as a probably kindred spirit based on your blog and that we know each other through Gabi, but how pleasing these common details are! I like your rat story...mine is from a pet store; I think next time I will adopt a rescued rat.

Jenica - I hope then that means that your heart is light, even deep in winter as we are.

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