Things that are making me happy

• Laughing at my brother-in-law's ridiculous malapropisms and mishearings.
"One of my favorite things about our Harry Potter movie marathon? Hearing Phil talk about 'Snipes,' 'Dumbledorf,' and 'Valdemar.'" - my sister

• Waking up my German brain in anticipation of this coming semester.

• That I thought I had ruined a whole roll of film by opening the back when it hadn't rewound properly, but it turned out that fifteen out of twenty-four exposures were okay.

The Memoryhouse cover of "These Days."

• A long walk to a bakery for some pastry and coffee with my mama.

• A thrifted skirt which is swingy and purple and pre-worn enough to be soft.

• Sparkling wine.

• How the sky looks before it rains.

• Being sucked in by creative projects.


sayanotherlexi 1/05/2011 12:51 PM  

Yes, yes, yes!
Happy New Year, dear!

Edge 1/07/2011 9:35 AM  

Swingy skirts FTW.

Maya Ganesan 1/07/2011 3:50 PM  

Haha! "Snipes" :) That made me laugh.

And oh, a pre-rain sky is absolutely beautiful.

Emma 1/08/2011 6:17 AM  

Phil is a genius. "Valdemar" sounds like an exquisite seaside resort for super villains.

Holly 1/08/2011 2:02 PM  

Lexi - You too, best Lexi!

Edge - *is swiveling hips happily to self*

Maya - That view I did a panorama of a few posts ago was before the rain. Mmm, mm.

Emma - HA! But you are absolutely right...I'm grinning.

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