Featured artist: Jeremias Carroza

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jeremias Carroza, also known on flickr as laness. Won't you have a look at this flickr gallery I've made of my absolute favorites of his photos?

Who are you?
I would also like to know that answer.

I feel like I am in a long process of getting to know myself, though I know it's a need in my growing and maturing stage I am continuously experiencing.

Superficially speaking, I am Jeremias, a 21-year-old guy currently living in London and finishing a classical piano and music technology degree.

I born in a small town near Barcelona called Calella where my present dreams and expectations started to take shape.

Why do you take pictures?
The reason why I take them today is a bit different to why I took them years ago.

I had my very first camera when I was sixteen years old, though I always loved taking pictures (using my father's camera).

All I did with that first camera was create memories about everything my life was experiencing. But I never understood photography in any deeper way.

A year ago, I was doing my Saturday walk around the local charity shops where I live and bought my first film camera (Canon A35F) for ten pounds. The lack of money made it all. The fact that I had to decide whether it was worth it or not to take my camera out for, made me realise beauty was hidden behind the superficial. The fact that I am broke would make me think whether that shadow is worth it or not to take my camera out my bag and capture it (developing here is quite expensive so I can't really take photos of everything I see/want to).With the time and those decisions, I have experienced beauty behind things I would have never looked into before. It is like I have learnt to see things in a deeper way...

Today's reason of why do I take pictures is a need I have; sometimes I would not care about being late to uni and would let myself fall in love with fog [see here & here]. There is something inside myself that needs to capture those moments. It is not even questionable.

How would you describe your style?
I don't know and in fact, I think I have never thought about it.

What are your tools of choice?
I have a few film cameras that I have been buying and getting from different places (most of them from charity shops) but my favourite camera is and will always be my Canon A35F. I feel very attached to it and it's always with me.

I am not really into types of film; most of my photos have been taken with Kodak 200 as that was the film I was getting for free when developing at the local shop. Lately, I have also been using expired Kodak film that I found on the internet.

What is one piece of creative advice that has been helpful to you?
I have always had in mind what my parents used to tell me: "Do not care what others say about you."

I think it is important to ask for feedback and accept criticism about your work. On the other hand I think it is also important to keep your ideas fresh and pure in order to let inspiration be alive.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their photography?
Photography is very personal so I would recommend that anyone who likes photography should find their own way to express themselves through it and to enjoy it regardless of what other people think.

Thank you, Jeremias.
You can see more of Jeremias's photography on his photostream.


odessa 2/13/2011 6:57 PM  

i love what he said about photography being personal. yes.

thanks for sharing jeremias' work, holly. now off to his flickr site. ;)

Erin 2/13/2011 8:02 PM  

I really like his photographic eye, and this interview. Thank you both!

Holly 2/14/2011 7:31 PM  

Odessa - Most def; my pleasure!

Erin - I think his answers are the most interesting I've gotten so far in this quasi-series; I quite enjoyed them too.

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