Happiness and gratitudes

• Greek yogurt. The kind that comes plain with a little compartment of honey. And having a little honey left over to put in my afternoon green tea.

• Watching my niece sleep. Her belly rising and falling and the sound of her breath.

• California.

• The sense of perspective and motivation that I get from my short visits home. (There was a family wedding last weekend.)

• How good sleep and hot tea and hot showers feel when you have a cold.

• Being wonderfully, unapologetically reclusive and unproductive on Friday nights.

• Memories of ice cream in Australia. With Liv at the gas station on our way to the Indian Ocean, splattering incredibly in the wind with Belle and her mum, from the truck at the beach where we had a surfing lesson.

• Classes and chapel being canceled due to the current blizzard. My college hasn't done that in decades!

• Schemes, dreams, first steps, deep breaths.

Little sister lolz:
"Btw about my hipster pictures. Can we have one of me looking out into the sea with the wind in my face, then type some emo caption like 'my emotions eat me alive,' then post it on tumblr and watch the world reblog it without credit to you??? Tempting yes?"


Q 2/01/2011 9:48 PM  

Hee hee hee! I like your sister very much.

Ellie 2/01/2011 9:59 PM  

oh my Hollydoll, my gratitudes are for you and the brain that was put in your pretty little head.

sui 2/01/2011 10:25 PM  

LOL at your sister. very cute. :)

Holly 2/01/2011 11:08 PM  

Q - Mee too. :)

Ellie - My best, can you know how happy your name makes me? xo,o,o.

sui - She is highly quotable at times.

Erin 2/01/2011 11:15 PM  

LOLs @Little Sister

pinkapplecore 2/02/2011 6:44 AM  

hahahaha that cracked me up.

Heidi 2/02/2011 9:38 AM  

Your little sister sounds awesome, kind of like my little sister. Aren't little sisters great?

Holly 2/02/2011 11:26 AM  

Heidi - Sisters, period. :) How old is your littlie/are you the oldest? (I'm the middle child of three sisters.)

sayanotherlexi 2/02/2011 11:49 AM  


Greek yoghurt- so wrong that I feel proud of that just because I'm Greek.

Good sleep, hot tea, hot showers. Yes, yes, yes.

Holly 2/02/2011 4:31 PM  

Lexi - No, you can feel proud if you want...haha. I feel proud of national things all the time when I can claim far less of the heritage in question that you can of Greekness, I am positive.

Heidi 2/02/2011 4:53 PM  

Holly, technically she's not little. She's 5'10'' or so... fifteen years old. We're the only girls, and then there's three boys older than me and another boy in between me and my sister.

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