Minutes in the blizzard

I like in
this wild snow
my body
the riotous feeling of
life pressed against death

and against
all sense how my legs
(fat,muscle bone andblood. health. strength)
carry me onward

the way I can unglove
my numb hand, press it
to my chest
under my coat and
feel it coming back to


Georgie K. Buttons 2/02/2011 9:53 PM  

This is lovely! And so very true. Though there is no blizzard here, it is so cold I sometimes think my face has fallen off.

Lindsay 2/03/2011 5:41 AM  

God. This is so good. Really good. I love the last stanza.

geekspawn 2/03/2011 10:21 AM  

YES on the last stanza. Even here it's so cold right now that I know exactly what you mean <3

Q 2/03/2011 10:27 AM  

You know what I think. :)

Holly 2/03/2011 4:16 PM  

Georgie - Thanks! :) Extreme weather is easier to appreciate when it provides inspiration.

Lindsay - Thank you, so much. (That means a lot from you.)

geekspawn - I won't be a weather snob: 22 IS chilly.

Q - Second installment of the snow poems coming up...

Jenica 2/03/2011 9:11 PM  

I'm not experiencing any serious cold right now, but I definitely have and I love the way you word the experience, especially the life vs. death idea.

Holly 2/04/2011 8:37 AM  

Jenica - Thank you--I'm thinking we don't often enough realize how amazing our body's ability to survive is.

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