Strangers, circa 1963

I found these prints at a scavenging center back home. Two are dated 1963; the rest are unmarked. They were in a basket with a note that said, "For anyone who will treasure them as I no longer do."


Q 2/15/2011 11:40 PM  

Um, I think that's Versailles. Quite the find!

Erin 2/15/2011 11:56 PM  

there is something melancholy in the wording of that note.

what a treasure.

geekspawn 2/16/2011 12:53 AM  

What Erin said. The word melancholy keeps running through my head now. These make me almost unbearably curious for some reason.

Noël De Vries 2/16/2011 6:59 AM  

wistfully lovely. her eye reminds me of yours. but yes, the note flavors the photographs.

pinkapplecore 2/16/2011 7:58 AM  

that kind of makes me sad. But I'm glad that instead of destroying them, they let someone else find them.

Heidi 2/16/2011 1:19 PM  

I love the wording of that note. So much is implied. Stories, heartbreak, nostalgia. Fascinating people.

Priya 2/16/2011 1:20 PM  

Ditto Erin. How mysterious!

Holly And the Ivy 2/16/2011 2:47 PM  

How wonderful, I long to find something like this in a shop but I never do. :(

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