Eye candy and brain food

Melissa on being seen. "I’ve been sharing stuff I thought was unshareable and prioritising authenticity, even though it’s made me feel quite afraid. I’m not a hundred percent there yet but the barrier’s starting to crack..."

Mentioned once before in passing: free guided meditation audio tracks.

"The Dog Theory of Fatness" (kind of sounds offensive; is not).

Sonnets about zombies.

Photo usage guidelines for bloggers. Most comprehensive treatment of the subject I've read; written by a blogger with input from a photographer and a photography agent.

The Eowyn Challenge: nerdiest fitness site ever, ahh.

"4chan's Chaos Theory." This is about Anonymous, etc.

The Riot Grrrl Manifesto. I printed this big and put it on my wall. Even though I'm a Christian. Ha.

And: riot grrrls + Maoist ballet dancers = this Bikini Kill music video. Dig.

"High heels yay, headscarf nay? Double standards in fashion symbolism."

Seo Min-Jeong's art installations.

Photography by female prisoners in Romania, via English Holly.

A dressing room experiment: "Finding Clothes That Fit." I think I'm going to do this.


Erin 3/18/2011 7:39 PM  

those romanian photos are BRILLIANT.

Holly 3/19/2011 11:08 PM  

Erin - Right? I love those kinds of projects, "Born Into Brothels" was the first I saw...the results are always astounding.

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