Jeanima (May)

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edit: Thank you ErinSherry, Erin W., Amanda, and Sui, for giving enough to support Jeanima this month and partway through June. Very much love and appreciation.

The picture above is a new one that I just received! She looks bigger and somewhat less afraid, no? And she's got a school uniform. These make me happy. They also sent three bookmarks with her picture, which I would like to send to the first three donors this month—so there are two left now, after one early donation.



Erin 5/15/2011 8:43 PM  

Ahhh, tis a good photograph.

Holly 5/16/2011 6:12 PM  

Erin - Bigger and bigger smile to you too?

Erin 5/16/2011 6:42 PM  

yes. and her eyes are smiling too :)

Debbie Barr 5/17/2011 8:47 PM  

Oh, I love this picture! Glad we got a new one and that she is doing well. :)

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