Jeanima (June) + letter (3/15/11)

edit: Thank you, Shannon, for covering the rest of Jeanima's sponsorship fees for this month.

Hallo friends,

A new letter from Jeanima, and we need $15 [edit:] $0! to cover her sponsorship this month (you gave some extra last month). Text of the letter below, or you can click the scans to see them larger.


Dear Miss Holly Orr

Jeanima is very glad to write and greet you in God's name who gives life. How are you and your family? She and hers are well with Jesus. She succeeded in the 2nd control with 5/10. What's your favorite sport? Soccer or basketball?

Here's a verse for you: Romans 3:23.

Her mom sells rice, sugar, beans, cooking-oil... She tells you to pray for her so God can take part in all she does. She's praying for you so God can always protect you.

She wishes you a good Easter 2011!

Oh, gracious...she seems like such a gem of a girl. Wish I could meet her. Wish you could meet her.



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