Happiness and gratitudes

• Days when we can see the sun.

• Free group videochatting on Google+. Finally FINALLY a haven for my scattered dorm friends.

• Farmer's markets with my mama.

Where Were U In '92? Pseudo-nineties, as through a noughties lens. (The answer for me, by the way: too young to be anywhere but at home, let alone enjoying the golden days of rave...)

• Falling asleep quickly every night.

• Possibly having found work. (Hired for a trial period. It's an...okay job.)

• Roasted salted lentils. So nice a snack. Salt salt salt.

• Trust and honesty from friends.

• Radical feminism, and feminist networking online.

Suzi and Erin.

• Stubbornness, experience, and faith. (Tangent: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace...I love that title. An album I don't know well.)

• Reviewing German.

• Writing letters, and that I always have letters in my desk drawer to reply to.


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