Tea and friends

It's important to have tea, and it's important to have friends. And when you get to have tea with your friends, that's the best of all.


sui 10/31/2011 12:47 PM  


this is lovely

lena 10/31/2011 4:11 PM  


Olivia 10/31/2011 5:37 PM  

Tea is important. I agree.

Q 10/31/2011 8:20 PM  

Let's have tea.

Dawn 10/31/2011 9:46 PM  

this just made me smile :)

Sarah 11/01/2011 7:23 AM  

Tea is my favorite part of each day, usually. Which is why I have it several times.

Holly 11/01/2011 5:45 PM  

Q - Yes, let's.

Sarah - I am so with you.

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