Wandering an unfamiliar university


Darkened hallways, but I felt some air moving under a closed door. It was unlocked. Drab seventies concrete architecture, Brutalist to the max, but: windows, and August wind. I went to the back of the classroom and sat inside the curtains and was grateful and moved; I might have laid my hand across my heart or just said, Oh quietly to no one.

An intermezzo, maybe.


Olivia 10/02/2011 12:46 PM  

The third photo is my favorite. Interesting perspective.

Holly 10/02/2011 2:02 PM  

Olivia - Thank you. To me, there was no question about the bottom of the curtains needing to be the focal point.

Beth Kephart 10/03/2011 5:09 AM  

Very interesting, Miss Holly. Very.

Holly 10/03/2011 12:45 PM  

Beth - Thanks! I try! Haha.

Jenica 10/03/2011 8:12 PM  

Oooh. Evocative. I love the last three.

Holly 10/03/2011 11:25 PM  

Jenica - Thank you. Yes, those are the ones I care about...the other two are only to set the scene.

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