Happiness and gratitudes

• The Antlers

• Mary Daly

• occasionally being the THE FEMINIST MOLE at my college

• recovery

• deep thinking and connections

• voicing my opinions

• Anna

• sharing the yoga/dance studio with a guy messing around to this new-to-me and unforgettable lovely song

• my big beautiful Paul Madonna book

• unseasonably mild weather

• south-facing windows

• fear lists

• singing on my bike, drinking tea on my bike, stargazing on my bike

• clear nights and constellations

• yarn browsing


Sarah 11/22/2011 8:48 AM  

Is a fear list a list of things of which you are afraid? Like zombies and airplanes and meeting new people? And what sort of dance do you do?

Holly 11/26/2011 1:42 PM  

Sarah - A fear list is a more at-the-moment kind of list, anxieties/worries/fears. Doing one always makes me feel calmer. I should do a post on them...

Dance: I did ballet first, then modern and Irish. I haven't done much of anything in college, but I have promised myself to get back into Irish once I am back in the city with income. You?

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