GMT -10

Finals week (not much sleep), then I moved two time zones away for the holidays, then I went on vacation two more time zones away, to where we swim and lie on the beach all day long. My body doesn't know what to make of it all. So, insomnia.

My eyes sting from the saltwater. It's lovely swimming all day.

Mutual respect makes all kinds of things possible.

The Niece-Baby is beginning to speak.

I don't really like asking for money. I used to do it all day long for pay, so it'd make me happier not to do it here too. But one blog post a month that doesn't gratify me directly is not much of a sacrifice.

(That is not a guilt trip. Just letting you know that even though I'm asking you for money, I'm still not a robot who is completely unaware of social norms, e.g. the one against asking people for money.)

If you would like a postcard from Hawaii, email me with your address, and I will gladly write one to you.


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