A letter from Jeanima: 11/17/11

[click for big; text below]
Miss Holly,
Jeanima is so happy to write you this letter. She greets you in the name of Jesus Christ and Saviour who has all power. How are you and your family? She is doing well thank God. Her school activities are ok. She always studies and does her homework. She thanks you for letters, pictures and prayers. She says yes, she has friends and she likes to pray with them. She thanks you for the Christmas gift and she bought a shoes with the money. She wants to tell you that she has 3 sisters who name are Dima, Michaela, and Jisleme. Is it cold in your area? Do you love God? She wants to share this verse with you. It is John 11:35. She says to help her pray to succeed in her school and she will pray God to bless you. She wishes you merry Christmas of 2011 and happy new year of 2012.
As always, while it's addressed to me because I write the letters, I think it's fair to say it's more to you guys who are actually supporting her each month...


[Who is Jeanima?]


Q 1/30/2012 3:29 PM  

Interesting verse to share. Poignant.

sui 1/30/2012 4:43 PM  

Yeah, that verse was... woah. And I never spell whoa that way, so... woah.

Lovely letter to share, she sounds so sweet... and smart!

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