Jenica 2/29/2012 7:27 PM  

Lots of stars in your photos lately...I like it.

Erin 2/29/2012 7:44 PM  

I like the dimensions of this, how you got up high with it. It's like...moon. stars. BIG STARS.

3/01/2012 9:40 PM  

I need to put stars on my ceiling. Hope has stars (and dangly planets) on hers, even on her fan so that when she turns it on at night it spins and looks all galaxy-like, and I'm very jealous.

Holly 3/02/2012 5:54 PM  

Jenica - The balloons elsewhere, you mean? Yes. A favorite lately.

Erin - Must be observed in their natural habit. *is teetering on top of desk chair on top of bed*

Faith - Dude, what a lucky child. Get on it

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