Gratitudes + things that are making me happy

Erin, and her time here, and memories to keep

• the Goo Goo Dolls on nights when you need them

• my sisters, especially Little Sister because she is here

• the beautiful and piercing book I am currently reading, about feminism and spirituality

• the library by the beach

• making space

• retrospection and gratitude

• three consecutive nights of vivid dreams about three different people I have fallen out of contact with

• the hammock in the backyard

• that it is not cold here

• Anne Sexton's poetry

Goddess Leonie meditations

• a full-time temp job lined up for March through May

Xena: Warrior Princess

• a short visit to my old favorite SF art museum, the Legion of Honor


2/03/2012 2:39 PM  

what nights do you NOT need the goo goo dolls?

Elizabeth 2/03/2012 9:25 PM  

I loved that hammock. remember the night we curled up on it, under a blanket, with my DVD player, and I believe... Never Been Kissed. I still don't know what happened with your family that night, but I loved being able to be there for you.

Jenica 2/04/2012 6:02 PM  

What could be more blissful than a library on a beach??
I'm sharing your gratefulness that it's warm [here] :)

Erin 2/04/2012 9:46 PM  

I love you, miss.

odessa 2/04/2012 10:52 PM  

a library by the beach..which one is it? i want to go! :)

and yes, i'm always grateful for this lovely weather.

Holly 2/05/2012 11:12 AM  

Fé - ha, touché. but some nights they are absolute...first aid.

Ellie - That night is one of the first things I think about when I think about you (I will never not remember it).

Jenica - Fully actualized coastal bliss, inddeed.

Erin - I miss you, miss.

odessa - Ortega! Such views.

almostclever 2/06/2012 7:06 PM  

Interesting sounding book, I need to get my hands on it.. I would love to know your thoughts on it when you have finished reading.

Holly 2/06/2012 8:27 PM  

almostclever - Mm, I recommend it. And certainly thought-provoking, especially as a complement to Mary Daly (my last read). I shall do a round-up of this month's books at the beginning of March.

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