Three good things to read

Kindness Sprouts — an e-anthology on self-care and self-kindness to which I contributed. (I wrote about being an introvert.) It's pay-what-you-can; all proceeds go to a wonderful charity that provides free yoga to eating disorder sufferers.

The Personal Bill of Rights, courtesy of Sarah from Rooted in Being.

"The Joy of Quiet." A New York Times op-ed. On digital noise, stillness, multitasking, etc.


almostclever 2/15/2012 6:59 AM  

:) I'm honored to be on your list :)

As a fellow introvert, I also find it appropriate to be listed with the other two links, LOL ;)

Holly 2/16/2012 8:30 PM  

almostclever - It's such a good Bill, lots of people should read it. *introvert HIGH FIVE*

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