Gratitudes + things that are making me happy

• lunch break escapes

• the hot water machine at work

• banana bread

• hand-me-downs from friends

• this year, I will travel abroad again, for the first time since 2009

• unexpected emails of substance

• photos of Niece-Baby sent to me during my morning commute

• being out the door within the hour before sunrise

• long long honest sharp conversations with honest sharp friends

• dreams of northern places and memories of snowy winter nights

The Hunger Games

• flat platform sandals


Penny Sociologist 3/31/2012 2:47 AM  

Nice things! Do you know where you will be traveling abroad yet, or just that you will definitely be traveling abroad?

Noël De Vries 3/31/2012 8:44 AM  

abroad... ?

Holly 3/31/2012 1:21 PM  

Penny and Noël - Either Australia or Germany will be the center of the being-abroad.

Jenica 3/31/2012 2:56 PM  

Ooh, Australia or Germany! Short or long trip, do you know?
I haven't read the Hunger Games yet; I decided to watch the movie first so that I wouldn't know what it was missing. I thought it was a really terrible, in a good way, and very well done.

Holly 3/31/2012 7:52 PM  

Jenica - Long! I intend to stay in place for a good part of the time, settle down a bit, ideally work as well. With regard to THG, that's exactly what I decided to do, and I'm glad I did, very glad...

Sarah Louise 4/01/2012 3:09 AM  

oh good, someone else (Jenica! Holly!) who is waiting to read HG. I want to see the movie first too.

I like your list. I miss things like banana bread. (darn allergies).

Darn button just erased a paragraph. I miss typewriters!!!

Sarah Louise 4/01/2012 3:09 AM  

And I didn't mean to publish just then. Maybe goons have control of my computer...anyways, so glad to hear you sound like you're doing well.

Holly 4/01/2012 8:20 PM  

SL - Aw, banana bread deprivation? That saddens me. Yes, I am well. :)

sui 4/03/2012 6:41 PM  

hand-me-downs from friends. *pumps air, takes credit, assumes because I'm self-centered*

banana bread! one of my boy roommates made chocolate banana bread recently. freaking. amazing. (I'm so glad I eat non-vegan baked goods now. <_<)

honest sharp conversations sound lovely.


flat platform sandals. hm, I don't think I've owned a pair in years! :)

Holly 4/03/2012 9:10 PM  

sui - but it is about you :) chocolate as in chocolate chip? mom didn't believe me about that being good.

sui 4/03/2012 9:15 PM  

cacao nibs, and chocolate chip inside.. I THINK. I don't know! I don't like melted chocolate actually. I like it crunchy. but definitely there was cocoa powder in the general banana bread-ish part, you know?

Holly 4/03/2012 9:33 PM  

sui - that sounds very clever. i may need to try a half-sized loaf that way.

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