Read in March 2012

1. Heist Society, by Ally Carter
This was fun. Thanks, Erin.

2. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield
This gave me a very useful concept, that of Resistance, but I didn't care for his voice or the parts where he waxes metaphysical / quasi-spiritual in these oh-so Romantic directions.

3. Live or Die, by Anne Sexton
This was appropriately opened by the following Author's Note:

“To begin with, I have placed these poems (1962-1966) in the order in which they were written with all due apologies for the fact that they read like a fever chart for a bad case of melancholy. But I thought the order of their creation might be of interest to some readers, and as AndrĂ© Gide wrote in his journal, ‘Despite every resolution of optimist, melancholy occasionally wins out: man has decidedly botched up the planet.’”

4. The Selected Poetry of Yehuda Amichai, ed. and trans. Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell
This is a book that I am happy to own. Genius at times. Sorrowful, philosophical, concerned with the mundane, rich with images. I put my Christian upbringing and education to good use catching the biblical allusions that pepper the long poems.

5. Pleiades, by Sui Solitaire
This was heavy with adolescent romantic angst. I liked the last twenty or so pages the best. These missives from Sui's past were interesting partly because I know her now, didn't know here then, but know from her blog some of the context for these writings. Her ear is excellent, and some of these have a distinct spoken-word feeling. Reading this was an oasis in my work day.


Shannon 4/02/2012 7:25 PM  

I only got half way through War of Art. Found it ultra repetitive and very 'holier than thou'. Plus at times I felt like sitting down with Steve and saying "look, buddy, relax. I promise if you take an afternoon off from being creative here and there the world wont end..."

sui 4/03/2012 11:14 AM  

Shannon: haha! I think it's a kick in the butt that some of us needed (id est, ME!). I needed it, but it's not for everyone, for sure.

Holly: tee-hee! thanks for your honesty. I think it only gets better around 8, 2008 was the year I wrote the most really. woman, wasn't I angsty!?

Holly 4/03/2012 11:26 PM  

Shannon - Yeah, I hear ya. Heh.

sui - you were, and why not? "angsty" is not an automatic put-down in my book, remember i am a 4 on the enneagram too...anyway, it was still an oasis in my workday, and i like your ear a lot.

sui 4/05/2012 10:17 AM  

hehe. i said woman (instead of man) but i was basically expressing my concurment. (is that a word... google says it was created, urbandict)

yes, but you seem so logical compared to me! haha! i am an emotional all over the place. maybe i just rip open my chest more often (and show other people). probably.

Holly 4/07/2012 11:15 PM  

sui - I think the logical side of me tends to get more expression, and also like you said, perhaps your emotionality brings out in people?

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