Escaping / (freedom is seeing what is)

"it is looking in the mirror. seeing what's there. not seeing what your mind sees. seeing what is physically in front of you. that reflection is ok. that reflection is perfect. that is what you learn. and you keep looking. at each limb. at each freckle. at each hair. at each curl. each wrinkle. each line. each curve. and you look. and you see. and you learn. you are more than enough. you have the strength to be you.

"focus not on the walls but the gaps in the fences. for they are always there."




Erin 5/31/2012 7:51 PM  

beautiful; title quote photo.

sui 5/31/2012 9:32 PM  


this photo recalls to my mind a stop-motion short film called "neighbors." ever seen it?

Holly 6/02/2012 9:50 PM  

sui - have not.

sui 6/03/2012 8:00 PM

38 degree north/south korea line, etc. not a necessarily happy film, i wrote a paper on this freshman year of college, hah!

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