In California, joy is burritos



Q 5/08/2012 8:55 PM  

Ach! I miss making my own burritos. What I wouldn't give for some decent beans and rice on a tortilla...

Jenica 5/08/2012 9:38 PM  

In my experience, joy is burritos in all locations.

Cassandra 5/08/2012 10:30 PM  

Truly, there is nothing quite like an excellent burrito.

Holly 5/08/2012 10:47 PM  

Q - In all my white California life I've actually never had a satisfying burrito made by a non-professional slash gringo. So I'm suspicious of them. To me making a burrito is sort of like approaching the Holy of Holies...something to be left to the high priests.

Jenica - I HOPE so! It must be said, though, that San Francisco/San Diegan burrito culture (the deliciousness of the consumees and the passion of the consumers) are in a class of their own.

Cassandra - I really need to experience a San Diego burrito, btw.

Olivia 5/08/2012 11:42 PM  

rebecca took me there, good chips.

Lacey Wright 5/09/2012 8:03 AM  

I couldn't agree more. Burritos (especially spicy ones) are a slice of heaven. Or should I say a roll of heaven?

sui, con URL! 5/10/2012 1:50 PM  


or as i like to call it sandy eggan

... honestly holly i was disappoint by SF burritos after having learned to like mexican food in sandy eggo.

also, totally get what you mean... people say "if you like burritos so much why don't you just make them yourself" NO. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

plus i'd have to make the guacamole, rice, beans, vegetables, every individual thing on my own... so much work... ahhh...

Jenica: YES. in all locations. I interpreted that as "joy is [burritos in all locations]," not "joy in all locations is burritos." if ONLY burritos were in all locations. american northeast, please... get some good taquerias... PLEASE.

sui 5/11/2012 1:55 AM  

ALSO was this the day you were with me? no... cuz you didn't have a camera that day, huh?

Holly 5/12/2012 1:22 AM  

Olivia - I feel neutral about their chips.

Lacey - That phrase actually makes me feel more psyched about the idea of heaven.

Holly 5/12/2012 1:24 AM  

Sui - I will. June I may be down there. Priority!

Give me a brief compare/contrast on SF and SD burritos?

No, 'twas not. Last May, actually.

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