Haight and Laguna

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I used to walk past the rabbit installation every morning as part of my commute. I kinda like it.


Jenica 6/11/2012 6:50 PM  

It's strange, but I kinda like it too. It has character.

Holly 6/11/2012 6:55 PM  

Jenica - The walls on either side of it are murals and more murals, so it feels kind of like the centerpiece to an altar or something.

dont-flinch.com 6/12/2012 6:29 AM  

I really like these two photos together. :) Cool to revisit childhood things. I should do that sometime, but all of mine are 633 miles away.

Holly 6/12/2012 1:11 PM  

dont-flinch.com - Ha, not childhood, more like "earlier this year."

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