Kelp forest


5 comments: 6/04/2012 8:14 PM  

Oooo! Were you in Monterey?? :) My favorite place!

Holly 6/04/2012 9:14 PM  

dont-flinch - Yes! I don't looove the town, but the aquarium is a stunning place.

Shelley 6/07/2012 9:42 AM  

The colors in the photo remind me of that Avatar movie....amazing.

Nicole 6/07/2012 6:42 PM  

That's from an aquarium? I'm impressed. It's beautiful.

Holly 6/07/2012 7:02 PM  

Shelley - I think I heard once that the aesthetics of that planet were inspired by undersea habitats, actually...!

Nicole - It is a beautifully designed aquarium. Like an art installation or a scene on a costumed, set, and lit stage -- so easy to photograph.

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