7000 miles later

I went to Southern California to see my dad's side of the family at the beach, and then I went to New England to see Anna get married.

So many hours of driving, airports, plane seats, train stations, trains, buses, and extroversion... I made do, to my pride, mostly with what I could carry in my backpack — my phone broke, my planned wedding wardrobe failed me, and I left my wallet 120 miles behind me at one point — but the scenery was gorgeous, and my friends, as well as their families, are unfailing and wonderful.

I am currently taking enormous pleasure in being back in my city and in my introvert cave.


odessa 8/09/2012 10:13 PM  

welcome back, my friend. its probably better to stay in your introvert cave this weekend, what with outside lands and all. but we definitely need to get together before you leave for Australia. :)

Holly 8/10/2012 12:13 AM  

odessa -

Thank you, my friend. I think you're right. The hipsters are ALREADY beginning to infiltrate.

I second that.

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