Gratitudes + things that are making me happy


• days when my hair behaves

• fangirling over the TV show Dance Academy with Odessa

• good secondhand clothing finds when I have trade credit

• managing to get up when the sun is still more in the east than overhead

• excellent Antipodeans to look forward to hanging out with

• in particular the ones who have also volunteered to host and guide me around places — lovely people are lovely

• getting out of the house when I need to

• stellar customer service

• my little sister

• the perfect pairing of unsweetened black tea with frosted cake


zoe 9/03/2012 11:26 AM  

eeek i need to see you before you leave! as long as you can handle my extrovert-ness ;)

Holly 9/03/2012 3:15 PM  

zoe - Gettin' in touch now :)

Jenica 9/03/2012 8:11 PM  

Things that are making me happy: you just used the word Antipodeans.

Holly 9/03/2012 8:25 PM  

Thing - Hee. It's a nice fit when one needs to include a Kiwi without forgetting her as such.

odessa 9/03/2012 9:54 PM  

it's always fun times to fangirl with you, holly. :)
and yes, i love the word Antipodeans.

Holly 9/03/2012 11:25 PM  

odessa - I was really just being selfish when I told you to watch that show. ;)

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