Week in photos (220-224)

220/365. Couscous salad. I am going to give you the recipe, because it's great and really easy.

221/365. Beach Sui.

222/365. Haircut and Sunshine Holly.

223/365. You can't really justify wax seals as necessary, but that's fine; they don't need justifying.

224/365. This is my external brain at present (things to remember not to forget before I leave).

(I have not been terribly good about the "every day" part of this project since resuming...I think my mind is too full of Australia logistics right now. I'll get there!)


odessa 9/03/2012 9:55 PM  

awwww...i love the photo of Sui at the beach. and yes, i want the recipe for your couscous salad.

Holly 9/03/2012 10:44 PM  

odessa - Photographers are just nice in front of the camera. Nice and high-tolerance!

sui 9/04/2012 8:55 PM  

i love you.

haha, i'm only high-tolerance around you! but i think i've become more detached about my photo taken... in a good way.

yay sunshine holly! and haircutz! (damn, my hair was so LOOONG... wasn't it?)

sui 9/04/2012 9:01 PM  

p.s. i totally want my own personal wax seal...

Holly 9/05/2012 9:41 PM  

sui - Likewise, you. Yes, relatively quite long! Actually the volume of your hair has always impressed me.

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