A letter from Jeanima: 8/24/12

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Dear Miss Holly,

Jeanima is pleased to write you this letter. She's greeting you in the name of the Savior Jesus. She lets you know that she and her family are fine. Her school activities are going well; she succeeded and she got promoted to grade 6. She thanks you a lot for the letter. She's pleased to hear from you. Jeanima is thanking you for the birthday gift. She bought a hen with it. She lets you know that at this moment, they are planting trees in her neighborhood.

She asks you whether you like horses. She asks you to pray for her to that God can change her life. She lets you know that she's praying God to always keep you in good health. She wishes you a good summer vacation 2012.
As always, if you have ever helped pay her sponsorship fees, consider it addressed to you.


sui 11/28/2012 5:44 PM  

oh, sweetness.

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