Gratitudes + things that are making me happy


• blossoming jacaranda trees

• nice bus drivers

• rainy mornings

• feeling the happy kind of tired after a run

• the anxiety workbook I am working through (here)

• beautiful autumn photos from northern-hemisphere bloggers

• phone calls from my Sydney sister

• two of my good friends finding good jobs

• the smell of my new face wash

• listening closely to what I need

• sitting by the sea

• shooting with a borrowed AE-1

• driving south by starlight and headlights, with Shannon and her kids and her case of energy drinks

• seeing a wallaby in the wild

• a sense of peace and release


Carl 11/15/2012 2:44 PM  

lovely list... as usual. "the happy kind of tired after a run"... i can relate.

Holly 11/16/2012 4:42 AM  

Carl - :) I couldn't describe it, but I also couldn't not recognize it.

Erin 11/20/2012 2:36 PM  

these lists always make me feel glad when I read them<3

Holly 11/20/2012 6:49 PM  

Erin - And that makes me glad.<3

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