Radio silence

It's been hard to write recently. Anything, anywhere. I have plenty to say, but I don't know who to say it to, so I don't know how to say it, how to begin. (Should it be a letter? If so, to whom? Shall I carve it down into a series of 140-character musings? Do I need to journal it out, do I wish to save it to tell to my love, could I write a blog post?)

I owe words. Letters especially are overdue. I hope my dear correspondents who are reading this will forgive me. Words written or typed sustain (and are the historical foundation of) so many of my relationships, I feel like I'm failing everyone a little bit lately with this silence, including myself.

Perhaps I just need to be less black and white, and instead begin somewhere (anywhere, anything). Perhaps I need also to pare down my commitments with regard to communication.

I'm still taking pictures. I'm behind on posting my 365, but not on taking the photos. You'll see them.

I'm still here, anyway.


Q 3/31/2013 10:45 PM  


uneditedplum 4/04/2013 3:30 PM  

I completely identify with this.

You owe words. Do we/should we ever really owe words?

Holly 4/09/2013 8:07 PM  

uneditedplum - hmmm. i feel as though i must, for the sake of politeness and not losing friends, but perhaps i should mull that one over some more.

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