Who here uses Instagram?

i just joined instagram and i need some friends

I just joined a couple days ago, and we should be friends on there. I'm @tangerineteeth; come find me. Yes? Good.


sui 3/05/2013 5:34 PM  

i love how you succumb to the hipster weight (How much does a hipster weigh...?) after i leave. ah! ><

facesplacesohmy 3/05/2013 10:36 PM  

I do! Well, I have one, but I don't really use it...:/ I think my username is aipingplum. Let me know if you find this information to be correct!

Holly 3/06/2013 3:12 PM  

sui - i couldn't have succumbed earlier; i didn't have a smartphone, goose!

facesplacesohmy - shall.

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