Things are not bad at all except for when I think they are


* The more I freak out about how bad being unemployed is, the less capable I am of securing employment.

* This could be a nice enough time if I let it be.

* Stressors I do not have to deal with include: paying rent, paying for groceries. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

* I have money in my bank account from the last six weeks of temping. Not enough to move out, but enough to go places and do things and relax a little about what living expenses I do have.

* And I have plenty of time and energy now to do things that will keep me feeling okay (IF I LET THEM) such as sleep enough, meditate, watch Xena, ride my bike, be with my love, bake...

* All I have to do is keep putting in some work every day (vis–à–vis job applications) and keep learning.

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