A tickle beneath my skin

A quiet restlessness and curiosity, a feeling like I am growing, or have been and now need a new skin. I need to change a few things up. I need to do something different. Something new or something again. Some things, differently, new and again.

I am pondering:

*What is good and lovely in my life right now?

*What am I hungry for more of? 

*What do I want less of, what am I feeling ready to let go of? 

*What practices/habits/relationships that I have let go of do I want to revive?

And I am listening carefully to myself so I can shrug off the things that I only should or could want. (A "real" job, muscle tone, to be more organized and ambitious with my online presence again, a more versatile wardrobe, etc.) The kind of discontent that comes from standards set by external sources is usually a consumerist urge. It is not the healthy, growing kind of itch and will not mature into contentment if I work to satisfy it (and working to satisfy it will not be satisfying) — it will just persist and maybe even grow larger. "Good enough for me" and a turning to focus on what is truly interesting and energy-giving is the antidote for that.


Odessa 7/05/2013 10:57 PM  

I love your questions, Holly. Especially the first and the last one. :)

Holly 7/05/2013 11:11 PM  

Thanks, Odessa. :)

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