Notes/quotes, coworkers at an old job

I liked the people at this job. They were a fascinating mix.
From 2011.

I moved to San Francisco as soon as I turned eighteen.

I feel like our generation is the generation of SF fuck-ups. Like, the generation born between 1985 and 1989, well, 1990, I know some twenty-year-olds who are pretty crazy, but our generation, we're all so fucked up, but we have such a good time.

I need to raise $600 today [or I won't have enough from commission] to make rent. I might starve for a couple days.

Canvassers are confident almost to a fault. You have to get told "no" again and again for five hours a day.

I rode down from Seattle on my bike...I have a storage unit there and four panniers of stuff with me. I'm camping in Marin for now and coming over the bridge every day. I'm going to be here for a month to earn some money, then I'll be riding again. Working my way down to San Diego.

I mean, she and her wife are literally living in poverty, and if she loses this job, it's all they have.

It's kind of a thing for me, everything that's important to me, I always have with me in my backpack.


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